Abahna Mandarin & Sicilian Bergamot Gift Set

De review van vandaag zal in het Engels geschreven worden. Abahna is een merk uit het UK, dus het is voor hen makkelijker om het artikel rechtstreeks in het Engels te lezen dan de crappy Google Translate feature te gebruiken.

As you all know, my dear friend Phil from the ab fab blog Mirror Reality is an absolute skin care freak. He loves brands that are not yet very popular here in our regions. So during one of our conversations a while ago, he started gushing about this UK based luxury brand that specialises in bath and shower products – Abahna. I had never heard about this brand before, but I was certainly very curious. So when Phil told me he was going to organise a giveaway featuring Abahna, I just had to enter.

I was very surprised when I got the message that I had won! I was so excited – I love discovering new brands. Now, before you all go “omg you’re friends it’s not fair you won” –  Abahna picked the winners, not Phil. Apparently, my comment made them laugh! And here I was, thinking no one understood my humour 😉

I won a gift set with three miniature products, all scented with an amazing Mandarin & Sicilian Bergamot perfume.

If you know me, you know I am absolutely head over heels for citrus scented products. So when Phil asked me which set I’d like to receive, I immediately knew which one I was going to pick. A few days after sending in my info, the mailman left this beautiful prize at my doorstep.

Don’t you just love the packaging? I absolutely adore the pattern on the bottles. Oh, and the shape and design of the products are also very lovely and luxurious. It kind of reminds me of those bottles of overpriced cologne.

The gift set I received contains three miniature products. From left to right, you’ll find a perfume, a shower gel and a body lotion. All with the heavenly scent of bergamot and mandarin!

First up, the perfume. It comes in a sturdy cardboard packaging with beautiful golden details. When you open it, you find a small silver atomiser with a coloured tassel. It contains 10 ml of perfume, which is a decent amount in my opinion (this miniature costs £15).
The mandarin and Sicilian bergamot is an uplifting scent with a warm, comforting aroma. I really love it! It smells very fresh and light, perfect for a sunny day.
Also, the size of this atomiser makes it very easy to carry it with you in your purse. Perfect for a quick spray throughout the day!

Up next is the skin softening bath and shower gel. It comes in a small plastic bottle with fancy colouring. This shower gel contains an unique blend of organic wild flower honey and coconut based cleansers. The special mild foaming agents nourish the skin and leaves a delicious citrus scent behind.

This is probably my favorite product out of the three. I just love the see-through packaging and the golden details. This will definitely find a place on my make up table, just cause it looks so good.
The scent of this shower gel is absolutely divine! I love citrus-y smells, it really wakes me up and re-energizes me. I’m definitely considering purchasing the full-size one (this one contains 100 ml and costs £5).

Finally, we have the body lotion. This contains a blend of sweet almond oil, organic wild flower honey and vitamin E to pamper the skin, encourage cell regeneration AND protect against environmental damage. Talk about a multifunctional product!
What definitely caught my eye, was its light and silky texture. It doesn’t feel greasy or heavy at all, and it is quickly absorbed by the skin. The scent also lasts all day! This bottle contains 50 ml and retails for £6.

After receiving and testing these products, I am absolutely in love with Abahna. What a great brand! All of the products smell divine, the packaging is gorgeous and it’s really not that expensive. I also love the fact that the scent lingers on your skin all day long without fading much.

If you’re interested in Abahna (which I’m sure you are by now), take a look on their website. They have a huge assortment of scents and products, all for a fair price. I’m definitely putting the shower gel on my wishlist! Hmm, my birthday is in a month – I’ll give my sister a sweet look and hope she’ll get the hint!

Lots of love,

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  1. Wat een mooie verpakkingen!

  2. mostlysunnybunny says: Reply

    Whoa looks SO good! I'll have to check this brand out when I'm done with the 5790 bottles of shower gels I have in stock. But maybe I can already try the lotion hmm… 🙂

  3. beautiesatwork says: Reply

    love citrus 🙂

  4. Lien says: Reply

    Wat een mooie verpakkingen. 🙂

  5. Phil says: Reply

    My favorite is the showergel too, especially after a workout for some zesty uplifting.
    Glad you like it

  6. redhotjillypeppers says: Reply

    It's all so pretty ! I love the packaging (and citrus of course :))

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